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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People: Short term puppy socialising
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People train clever dogs to support deaf people by alerting them to important sounds such as the telephone, doorbell and fire alarm. They also provide a deaf person with confidence, companionship and independence. Hearing Dogs are lucky enough to have the support of approaching 2,000 wonderful volunteers across the UK who take part in a variety of roles including looking after and training puppies and dogs in their own home, being involved with breeding our litters of future hearing dogs, as well as raising much needed funds and awareness through local fundraising events and speaking.   The role of the short term volunteer is to help our training and supply team by providing temporary homes for our new puppies whilst they are spending their first 12 to 16 months with a full time puppy socialiser or trainer. These dogs will progress through their training until they qualify as working hearing dogs, when they will help provide awareness to everyday sounds and give the deaf recipient an independent lifestyle. As a short term volunteer, you will be required to take on a puppy and have him or her living in your home for up to 4 weeks at a time. You must have the time and commitment needed, and be physically able to provide basic obedience training, socialisation and the appropriate exercise required for a young dog. Although you are not required to train the puppy in the same way that the full time volunteers do, you will be asked to keep up the dogs good behaviour whilst it is in your care and attend any pre-scheduled puppy classes. You will receive all the required support, coaching and guidance from a member of our dog training team.   Main tasks: To proactively inform us of your availability so that we can offer you puppies when holiday cover is needed throughout the year. To provide a short term, safe and loving home to one of our young dogs in training. To exercise and feed the dog as instructed by your training instructor. To meet your training instructor at pre-agreed puppy classes and venues (e.g. village hall, park, town, recreation areas) to maintain the dog’s training programme.  [RBWM Weekday Weekend Evenings Elderly Health Outdoors]
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