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Windsor and Eton Sea Cadets: Adult Volunteer on the Windsor Sea Cadet Committee Training Team
The Windsor and Eton Sea Cadets have been around since 1899 and is the oldest unit in the organisation. We work with young people from the age of 10 till 18 giving them the skills and experience vital in life whilst providing a safe, fun and team orientated enviroment. We have a strong relationship with the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines and use their ethos and values to guide our cadets. We are looking for new Adult Volunteers to either join our training team or our committee. The training team work with our Cadets twice a week and regulalry take part in weekends and weeks away. We are an inclusive organisation and will always work with the needs of our staff and will take into account their personal lives. We have three sections within the unit, Juniors (10-12), Sea Cadets (12-18) and Royal Marine Cadets (13-18). All adult volunteers decide whether to become uniformed members of staff or stay as civillian members of staff and all training is provided. We are also looking for new members of our committee to help us maintain and improve our premises and equipment by organising and running fundraising events, planning and running projects, applying for grants etc. The committee meet once a month and from there work closely together to achieve our goals. The Sea Cadets is an utterly fantastic organisation, comprised of people from all walks of life and providing such a vast array of activities to young people. We are a successful and very close unit with a long history and a strong foundation. Should you wish to know more and are interested in seeing what we are about and how we operate please call, text or email me and we can arrange a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you. Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Thomas Brades, Officer in Charge, Windsor and Eton SCC. [Windsor Evenings Weekend CYP Outdoors]
Thomas Brades
07716 461937