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Contact the Elderly: Change an older persons life ... become a volunteer driver.
If you would like to change the lives of lonely, older people and have access to a car why not join Contact the Elderly as a volunteer driver for our Maidenhead group. This involves picking up 1-2 older people from their home one Sunday afternoon a month and taking them to a host family for an afternoon get-together. Our guests are over 75, with most of them in their 80s and 90s. They live alone and have little or no contact to friends and family. As you can imagine these monthly outings are the highlight of the month for many of our older guests and for some it is the only time they leave their house for a social occasion. Our motto is - Never let an older person down - and your commitment as a driver is greatly appreciated by the older people. In return you will enjoy Sunday afternoons full of fun and laughter, sharing stories over cake and cups of tea. Contact the Elderly groups have 3-5 regular drivers. As a driver you will usually collect the same 1-2 older people each month. Although our members are frail they are able to walk to your car assisted only by a steadying arm. You are not required to do any lifting. We welcome drivers of two and four door cars; full driving licence and seat belts are required. Unfortunately we do not pay petrol expenses. Groups usually arrive at the hosts home around 3.00pm and leave about 5.30pm. A different local host is visited each month. Groups usually meet on the same Sunday of each month with the dates set well in advance. Your group co-ordinator will be your main contact and will make the overall arrangements for the get-togethers. As a regular driver you are responsible for the monthly contact with your older guests, reminding them of the date and checking that they are coming. The group co-ordinator then confirms the numbers attending to the host. [RBWM Weekend Elderly]
Debbie Brettle
07943 903753