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Family Action Young Carers - Identifying and Supporting Young Carers in RBWM 

RBWM Family Action is committed to making sure that caring is a positive experience for all their young carers. While they continue to provide care, young carers should be able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We are delighted to be able to offer Healthcare, Education and Supporting Agencies the opportunity to partner with our Identifying and Supporting Young Carers Award Scheme.

On Young Carers Awareness Day 2020, 13 schools and agencies within RBWM nominated Young Carer Champions and signed a pledge of support to show Young Carers that we are on their side, followed by a further 5 settings signing up to this scheme.

The scheme is focused on helping you understand why Young Carers are a vulnerable group, and find ways to identify and support young carers within your own setting. There are two elements to the Awards Scheme and when the criteria in each element is met, your setting will be able to gain a Silver or Gold award. These awards are to celebrate your ongoing commitment to supporting young carers.

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