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Find out how to get £100 of unrestricted funds per week!

Here is an easy way for your group to receive extra funds £££ between April – October 2020!

Who can apply?

All charities & community groups working in Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead looking to receive unrestricted funds!

How will the scheme work?
The scheme will involve a group of your volunteers or trustees to act as Recycling Ambassadors, knocking on doors in pre-agreed areas to talk to residents about how to improve recycling.
RBWM will donate £10 per hour, £5 directly to your charity and £5 to a Community Grant Fund which your charity can also apply to.

How can I get £100 of unrestricted funding per week for my Charity? If you have a team of approximately five volunteers providing 2 hours of support each week between the months of April to October 2020 then this will provide you with a regular donation of £100 per week (£50 for your charitable organisation and £50 towards the community pot). Even if you are a small community group and have only two or three volunteers, your organisation can still benefit £££ from this scheme!

If you are an individual who would like to help improve recycling by volunteering your time to encourage local residents, we will match you with a participating charitable group. For further information please express your interest as a Recycling Ambassador -

How will the scheme operate? WAM Get Involved will work with your charity/group to train your volunteers and ensure you are fully equipped to manage your Volunteer Team to carry out their Recycling Ambassador doorstep information sessions. The more volunteer hours you levy, the more money you raise to support the valuable work you do!

The benefits to your charity/community group

  • Provides direct and unrestricted funding for your charity £££
  • Provide opportunity for your group to receive a larger slice of the funds via the Community Grant Fund £££
  • Helps the environment – increases recycling rates
  • Your volunteers can work towards gaining their 10,000 Steps a Day!
  • We can also help you add to your pool of existing volunteers!

FAQs about the scheme:

The scheme goes live from April 2020 and will run through to October 2020!

Email us for further information