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Kaleidoscopic UK

Kaleidoscopic UK have attended both the RBWM and Bracknell Domestic Abuse Forums and operate locally to support survivors of domestic abuse, working alongside our existing DA services.

Child Abuse Prevention Convention taking place at the end of April. There is an offer code ‘Earlybird’ which will give a £5 discount for the first 25 people who buy tickets for the Convention and there is also a reduced rate for survivors should they wish to attend and can be arranged if they contact Kaleidoscopic UK directly -
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Professionals referral form:

‘Sanctuary’ flyer – monthly support groups:

‘Liberation’ flyer - a rolling programme starting Weds 26/02/20, ten spaces available, running term time. It is free to attend and for anyone(female) currently that has experienced any form of abuse. This is a pilot programme and run by survivors and designed by IDVA and survivors to go in depth and tools to use to break the cycle and prevent further abuse.

Note, on the referral form you will also see an option to make a referral to ‘Fun with Mum’ – there is no flyer, but the group is for any child who has experienced abuse/mum in any form to have peer support at survivor run, free, independent group. This will run once a month, with a focus on fun and provide age appropriate fun for all ages as well as food for the family.