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The BRAVE project

Are you working with an individual who has been a victim of domestic abuse and would benefit from support for their emotional well-being?

The Brave project provides therapeutic support to victims of domestic abusive with additional emotional or psychological difficulties in East Berkshire. We are now taking referrals for the group starting in January.

This 12 week group programme supports individuals to learn new skills and alternative ways of coping with life’s difficulties. A small group approach allows for peer support and validation, and the benefits of group problem-solving.

When & where?
Starting in January 2020 the group will run weekly at the Rowan’s Children’s Centre in Bracknell.

Referral criteria:

  • Women and men who have been in violent and/or abuse relationships and also experience psychological/emotional difficulties (for example, low mood, anxiety, trauma symptoms);
  • Repeated relationships where there has been domestic abuse, or the possibility they may continue to get involved in abusive relationships;
  • Living in East Berkshire (Slough, RBWM, Bracknell);
  • Over 18 years old;
  • Do not necessarily need to have children;
  • Willing to learn new skills to manage emotions in order to avoid longer term difficulties;
  • Be open to a small group intervention (groups will be single sex). Individuals will not be asked to talk about their stories or experiences in the group.

Please complete and return this referral form and risk assessment - to: