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RBWM Social Enterprise Fund

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is committed to supporting the development of social enterprises in the Borough. It is giving local people and organisations an opportunity to ask for funding and support to start up a new social enterprise or develop and grow an existing one. The council has made £100,000 available for the current scheme.

Social enterprises are businesses driven by a social and/or environmental purpose. Like other businesses they sell goods and/or services, and should generate profits. The key difference is that part or all of their profits will be reinvested towards their social mission.

The funding is not intended to support one-off project work or ongoing charitable activities.

It could support a wide range of proposals but the key requirement is that funding applications must be for proposals relating to the establishment, development or growth of a business with clear social objectives, including the reinvestment of part or all of the business' profits towards the social objectives.

Social Enterprise Fund guidance notes -