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Residents in Windsor & Maidenhead are being advised to ensure their homes are secured.

Officers from Thames Valley Police are particularly keen to ensure elderly residents are taking steps to secure their homes.

During 16-17 August, there were burglaries in Dedworth overnight targeting elderly residents’ properties which were unsecured. The majority of burglaries can be prevented by taking simple security measures, such as the following:

  • All homes with wooden front / back doors should have two locks: a ‘rim latch’/Yale-type lock at shoulder height and a 5-level ‘mortice’ lock at waist height. Locking both will prevent your door from being ‘shouldered’/forced open. If you have a UPVC door, not only should you use the handle to lock the door, but you must use the key to lock it as well.
  • When you go out, always double-lock both locks on your front and back doors – and set the alarm. Many people don’t set alarms because of pets left indoors. Almost all modern alarms are now pet-sensitive, so this is not a problem. If you do not have an alarm, it is advisable to obtain one. They are now wireless.
  • When you go to bed at night, always set the ground floor ‘zone’ of your alarm
  • While at home, always keep front and rear doors locked, particularly if you are working outside/in the garden.
  • Windows should only be left open in rooms you are presently occupying. Never leave any windows open on the ground floor, unless you are in that room.
  • At night, if you go out, do not leave small windows open for ventilation. Thieves can reach in and open larger windows.

For more crime prevention information, please visit the TVP website.