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Helen Price, RBWM Councillor explains why the RBWM Corporate Plan is important

Whatever is agreed from the Corporate Plan consultation will set in train the direction of RBWM up to 2026, whoever forms the next Administration after the 2023 elections. It will determine what RBWM will be like for many many years to come. This consultation is at very high level and it is therefore really important that you respond in the “further comments”, i.e. the free text option. For example, do you think that the future is Partnership working with organisations such as the TVP, the Health Service? If so, then say so, Do you feel that there must be a conscious decision to tackle the deprivation which sadly exists in pockets within our Borough? If so, then you may wish to overtly say so, Do you feel in light of the recent UN Climate Change Report that “promoting awareness“ in Q10 is sufficient? If not, say so, and why. Q13 is a key question. “What things do you expect to be different?” Please do complete this thinking carefully about what is important to you and the place you want to live in for years to come.

Current RBWM consultations are: