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Get Ready for Census 2021

Census 2021 will be the first digital-first survey. The estimate survey is that 75 per cent of all households in England and Wales will submit information online through an electronic questionnaire, making it a first. Paper forms will still be available for those who want them.

The census asks questions about individuals, their household, homes, employment, and religious beliefs. This year how homes are heated and sexuality will be new questions asked. All information is anonymised and the actual census records are kept secure for 100 years. The information will be statistically analysed and the results published two years later.

How to fill in the Census

Every household will be sent a letter with a unique code to be inputted into the census 2021 website on Sunday 21 March. This is a compulsory survey to be completed by people living in the country on that day. If a printed version is required it can be requested. Residents who do not fill in the questionnaire will be followed up by the ONS reminding them of their responsibility and they could be prosecuted for not taking part.

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