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What will you do during lockdown 2.0?

The last lockdown took us all by surprise, we didn’t know what to expect. We were inundated with offers of shows and events on our laptops and phones in the comfort of our homes, from local, national and international entertainment venues. On one day you could see a Broadway production of Hamilton, on another go on a virtual trip around London Zoo.

Many people took to exercising outdoors during the sunny Spring days. As gyms and social groups closed, people began exercising at home. YouTube, Facebook and Zoom classes became the norm with Joe Wicks leading the nation’s children in a daily fitness routine. The good news about Lockdown 2.0 is that Joe is back and many charities have very successfully taken their activities online. Whether you’re interested in arts and crafts, music, film, dancing, getting or staying fit, meeting up for a chat or learning a new skill, there’s something for you.

Going online has its advantages, no travel costs or accessibility problems for those who have mobility issues but for those who need it, training courses are available too to help you get online.

You may have been recently made redundant and are looking to re-train to find a new job, looking to increase your confidence, improve wellbeing or just want to meet new people. The Slough CVS website has an events and training calendar which lists activities you can get involved with. Take a look at:

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