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Ask Teddi

Solutions 4 Health are launching Ask Teddi, an AI-powered mobile app supporting caregiver/s/parents to give their child the best start to life.

The first 1,001 days of a child’s life are critical. During the period from conception to age 2 years, the foundations of a baby’s mind are being put in place and early relationships with their caregiver/s during this time can affect the child’s development in ways that have enduring consequences.

Ask Teddi has been built from the evidence base and coproduced using insights from a range of experts and service users. This interactive motivational AI well-being app helps parents provide their children with the healthiest start in life.

Key features are:

  • Is a source of trusted, evidence-based & practical information available on-demand 24/7
  • This will enable inclusion, not only for the families identified as needing direct support but also the larger proportion of young families who are unreached often turning to unreliable sources of information.
  • Formal evaluations of outcomes and impact will be undertaken by Exeter and Swansea University.
  • Available on all smartphones

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